Best Folding Utility Knife Reviews 2017

A utility knife is a must have tool for everyone whether you are going out with your family for camping or want to handle the work around your home with ease. These are much more powerful and efficient than the usual small pocket knives and are equally easy to carry around. 

You can use these utility knives for trimming or cutting edges of wood, carpets, wires, butchering animals, cleaning fish, scrapping hides and most other utility works.

These are designed especially for multipurpose uses with minimum effort and maximum output. There are various designs and types of utility knives available from different brands, and thus it can be hard to choose the best one especially if you are not very familiar with utility knives.

In the following article, we are going to have a look at the Best utility knife reviews to know about their capabilities and limitations. This will also help you select the most appropriate utility knife without spending money on something that is not meant for you.

1. Milwaukee Fastback II

The first one that we have chosen is Milwaukee Fastback II that comes with an excellent one-handed opening capability which is its specialty. It is very comfortable to hold because of the ergonomic handle which allows you to use this knife efficiently for all types of work. Best part, it enables you to cut up to 10 gauge wires seamlessly. Anything above ten would be tricky to execute. 

This utility knife comes with two blades, which is nicely parked under the hood. Each blade performs well with specific actions, which would go into the compartment once it finished the work. It can be easily carried in the pocket and has two separate locks for the open and close state to rule out any chances of accidental opening of the knife. You can open this knife by pressing the lock and one easy flick of the wrist.

The only thing that disappoints is the plastic storage deck which should have been sturdier.


  • One-handed openings.
  • Equipped with gut hook.
  • Cut wires and other things with ease.
  • Includes two utility blades.
  • Two blades has storage compartment.
  • Available in different variants


  • Not for left handers. 
  • Blade cut depth isn't adjustable.
  • Plastic storage deck.

2. DeWalt DWHT10035L

Next, on the list is DeWalt DWHT10035L that has an innovative design to bring the best utility knives with retractable blades and flip blades. It facilitates both the designs and allows user to retract the knife and lock it or simply fold it like a flip knife. It comes with an impressive metal body that makes it very sturdy and can safe from deteriorations of weather.

Changing the blade is very easy with a single button functionality which makes it even better. The variable cut depth help you to cut most of the wires or ropes without any glitch. However, you may find it a bit slippery as it lacks a good grip especially when using on hard surfaces. One thing that seems to be awkward is the mechanism of blades getting into the chamber. It is decent priced knife which makes it very affordable.


  • Rectractable utility knife
  • Variable cut depth.
  • Ergonomic with comfort grip.
  • Quick release button.


  • Awkward folding mechanism.
  • Lacks solid grip.

3. Bessey D-BKWH

Bessey D-BKWH stands out in the list with its impeccable looks which will make it look elegant in your hand. This beautifully crafted knife comes with lots of purposes and is more appropriate for handling jobs in homes rather than tougher tasks in outdoors. The sturdy look and color scheme make this knife stand out in the crowd. 

It also comes with a capability to be handled with just a single hand but it is not that smooth especially if you are wearing gloves. You might need to try more than once to get the blades out. It comes with aluminium body and is the best replacement for a pocket knife. It is touch expansive than the other two knives with a price tag, but it makes up for the price with its looks.


  • Great look and design.
  • Can fit in one's pocket. 
  • Blade replacement options.
  • Polished wood accent. 
  • Aluminium blades. 


  • Bit heavier. 
  • ​Closing needs the usage of two hands.

4. Stanley Dynagrip Knife

If you were looking for a utility knife with exceptional gripping then you would love working with Stanley Dynagrip, the next one in our list of best utility knives. This is especially meant for those work sites where it can be hard to for you hold a usual utility knife comfortably like working with wires or shingles on your roof.

The knife comes with a rubber grip which makes it excellent on hands even if you are wearing gloves or having sweat in your hands. This is best knife to work at those odd angles where you can easily drop off a usual knife. However it is not very efficient if you are using it on tough surfaces as excessive pressure can cause the blades to retract on its own which can be irritating. 

5. Irwin Tools 1774103

Irwin Tools 1774103 is especially designed for scoring and drywall cutting. It comes with a uniquely angled head design that makes it very efficient for particular set of tasks. It can handle a lot of pressure because of the fixed blade which provides excellent stability to the blade. However you would need to spend some time in replacing the blade which is not very convenient part of this utility knife.

When precision and delicacy is required in work, this knife is an excellent option as it comes with narrow nose, tilted head and steady knife. It comes with a storage compartment that can hold up to 10 blades which is very handy.

6. Gardner Bender RKT-21

If you are looking for a utility knife that is meant for an electrician then you will not find a better option than Gardner Bender RKT-21, which is tailor, made for handling jobs like ripping a cable or stripping a wire. It can enhance you working capabilities if you are an electrician or need something to work with wires and fittings.

It comes with special features like voltmeter which is meant for alerting you of the potential electric shocks. The frame and the grip make it easy on hand and most importantly provide insulation from current carrying wires. However, you will need to spend some time to learn to strip the wires perfectly. It is the least priced utility knife in your list.

7. OLFA 5003 L-1

OLFA 5003 L-1 comes with a killing carbon steel blade that can pierce through the hardest of the surfaces of wood or stone and that is what makes it an absolutely perfect for the professional grade works. The blades are enclosed in tough stainless steel casing that make this overall knife very durable and ideal for heavy duty.

The knife is dedicated for tough applications and thus does not come with any other fancy features. You will find it a bit uncomfortable to hold because of straight grip but you will not have any difficulty in slashing and hacking through the objects and surfaces.

8. CH Hanson Flip Knife

The next utility knife stands out because of its unique dual blade system, which is not found in any other utility knives. CH Hanson Flip Knife consists of dual retractable blades with a standard razor edge blade on one side and sort of hooked blade on opposite end. However you can replace the hooked blade with any blade of your choice.

This is obviously meant for users who need to work with two different knives at a time like roofers who would need to use both the knives equally. The grip of the knife also makes it very desirable and combined with light weight, it is extremely easy and comfortable to hold and work. However it comes with high price tag and does not offer any special features.

9. Seber AL2450CP Autoload Knife

Seber AL2450CP Autoload Knife offers an attractive option with many attractive features and is meant for use at home. First of all the compact size of the knife makes it very easy to carry and also you can attach it with your belt with the help of Carabineer belt hook provided in the knife. The body of the knife is made of tough cast aluminium that provides durability and the anti-slip grip makes it very comfortable to hold in your hands.

It facilitates storage of upto 5 blades and the main feature of the blade is auto load. This feature makes it very easy to change the blade as the new blade loads automatically on removing the last blade. The only limitation is that it cannot be used for tough outdoor operations.

10. Stanley 10-819 Fatmax Aluminum Retractable Knife

Stanley 10-819 Fatmax Aluminum Retractable Knife is another top pick for our list of best utility knives that comes from the tool specialist Stanley. It is extremely sturdy with tough body made of die cast aluminum. It is very easy to work with because of its light weight and reasonable good grip. It consists of a big dial embedded in the body for controlling the width of the blade that is exposed.

One of the main advantages of this knife is that it has the storage capacity of upto 15 knives which is very handy. Changing the blades is extremely quick and easy because of spring loaded swivel. You can use it for variety of applications at home like tearing of wallpapers, trimming or cutting carpets etc.

Summing it up,

A Utility knife is versatile tool that you can carry in your pocket and accomplish a lot of jobs related to trimming, cutting and tearing with ease. One of the main reasons why you should be using the best utility knife instead of a kitchen knife is safety.

Utility knives are perfectly engineered to provide you comfortable grip along with enhanced safety. Moreover the blades can be changed according to the requirements which are another extra advantage of these knives. You can easily carry them in your pocket of attach it with the belt which makes it a perfect tool.

Hope we provided the enough information about the best utility knife review 2016, if this helped you feel free to share with your friends and relative or who ever can get benefited from. 

Best Folding Utility Knife Reviews 2017
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