Best Framing Hammer Reviews 2017

Hammer is one of the oldest tools that exist right from the prehistoric age and moreover there has not been much change to its basic design with long handle and head that makes for a perfect tool. Modern framing hammers are designed with more utilities like magnetic nail holder and innovative striking surface heads.

However, there has been a significant improvement in the materials used for head and handle that makes them much lighter and tougher without compromising the functionality.

Framing hammer is a prehistoric tool with a lot of utility even in Modern World

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The main features that differentiate framing hammers from each other is the weight of and design of the striking head, material used for making hammers and the handles and overall balance of the hammer that makes it easier to swing. It takes a lot of engineering in designing the most efficient framing hammer. It works on the principle of first converting muscular energy of user into the kinetic energy of the hammer which is delivered to the nail during the impact. The energy delivered to head of the nail is proportional to the mass of head but square of the velocity of the head.

Thus, it is better to have best framing hammer with lighter head that can swing at higher velocity as compared to going for a hammer with heavy head and less swing. Moreover, a lighter is more comfortable on your arms, elbow and shoulders. Let's get into some framing hammer reviews 2017

1. Stiletto Ti16MS 16 oz

Stiletto Ti16MS framing hammer features on top of its list because of its lightest head of just 16 oz making it easier to swing and generate high impact on the head of the nail. It is made of titanium which makes it light and healthy. The head has a classic design with two magnetic nail holder, one at the base of the head and another at the top of the head.

The head of the hammer has an extension of ¾ inches at the bottom where the handle meets the head to provide extra protection to the handle while striking.

It is an excellent option with very comfortable handle, and light weight offers a lot of comfort and joy to your elbow, shoulder and arms. It comes with an expensive price tag of $$$, but you can buy it online for a much lesser cost of about $$.

Verdict: If you can afford it then it is the best you can get.


  • Light weight
  • easy to swing.
  • well-designed head


  • High price tag.

2. Dead On Tools Ti7 Titanium Pro 16 oz

Dead on Tools Ti7 Titanium is second on our list of best framing hammers with a reasonable light head of just 16 oz. One of the most striking features of this hammer is its square head which is unique and innovative offering the widest surface area to the striking head.

Unlike titanium head as you would assume from the name, it is made of sculpted steel and has a single magnetic nail holder on top of the head.

The handle is made of a hickory core which is wrapped into carbon fiber making it tough, light and very easy to grip. However, it can feel a bit loose on head making it vulnerable. There are two titanium rods at the front and back of the handle for strike protection.

Verdict: The design of the hammer is excellent but does not seems to be tough enough for heavy and long term usage.


  • Large striking surface area of head.
  • easy to grip carbon fiber handle.


  • Lack of titanium make it vulnerable and less durable.
  • Looks overpriced

3. DeWalt DWHT51410 17 oz

If you are looking for a decent framing hammer from a good brand at low price then DeWalt DWHT51410 is a perfect option with light weighted head of 17 oz. The head is made of steel as you would expect at this price.

The handle is designed for better grip with ‘grip enhancing finish’ but it also attracts dust and other particles easily making it harder to grip. With a long straight handle and light weighted head, you can swing it comfortably and generate high velocity for powerful impact with ease.

The low price tag of just $29 makes it a very attractive option for budget buyers.

Verdict: It is a good hammer with efficient design and low cost only if you can tolerate the sticky handle which is irritating at times.


  • Low price tag.
  • Well balanced designed.
  • Light weight.


  • Magnet nail holder is missing.
  • Grip of the handle is sticky.

4. Douglas FR-20S

The Douglas FR-20S hammer is a sheer joy to use with reasonably light weight, excellent design, well balanced body and highly finished looks. It gives you almost everything that you desire for while looking for a perfect framing hammer.

Its handle to head attachment is one of best in the complete range of hammers with rigid joint and overstrike protection. Replacing the handle of the hammer is extremely easy and simple.

The striking face consists of very small depressions or inverted dimples that allow a nice grip on the head of the nails while striking minimizing the chances of slipping. There are two nail holders with one inbuilt on the side of the head and another on top of the head.

It is made up of stainless steel that gives a fine finish and good strength. The expansive price tag of $85 may make put it out of the budget for some buyers.

Verdict: Again if you can pay the marked price, then this is one of the best framing hammer available in the market.


  • Excellent overall design.
  • Good finish with stainless steel head.
  • Easy to hold and swing.


  • Slightly slippery.

5. Stiletto REN21MS 21 oz

If you loved the design and build of Stiletto Ti16MS 16 oz. but could not afford it because of its high cost, then Stiletto REN21MS gives a perfect option with exactly the same design and dimensions with only a difference of material which brings the down the cost significantly to make it easy on your pocket.

The striking head is made of stainless steel which makes it touch heavier with 21 oz. but you would enjoy the same balance and easy swing. Moreover, stainless steel gives a much better finish with polished surface.

It comes with a straight hickory handle with light weight. You get a nice magnet nail holder on the top of the head.

Little depressions on the striking surface give it a good grip on head of the nail while striking. Large striking surface of the head makes it even more attractive.

Verdict: Truly one of the best hammers at this price range with the perfectly designed body and easy to grip handle makes it a perfect buy.


  • Value for money.
  • Good design with perfectly balanced body.
  • Affordable price range.
  • Good Finish.


  • Not as tough as titanium.

6. Hardcore Hammers The Original 19 oz

Hardcore Hammers The Original comes with a very unique head to make it easier to hit the head of the nail. The surface of the striking head is shaped into a waffle face with relatively larger face lining which can easily bend a nail if not struck perfectly.

However, this design requires extra shots to put the nail head flush into the wood and also in the effort; you would end up leading an impact on the surface of the wood around the nail.

One of the most attractive design features is the couple of magnet nail holders placed 180 degree apart for efficient working.

The head is light weighted and super tough made of high quality hardened steel making it highly durable. You can miss a large striking surface at the head which you would want at this price tag of $79.

Verdict: Very well appreciated design with a lot of innovation but needs a bit of refining and tweaking.


  • Tough striking head made of hardened steel.
  • Light weight design
  • Dual nail magnet holder
  • Light weight top
  • Waffled face


  • Relatively smaller hitting surface are of head.
  • High chances of bending nails in case of missed hits

7. Vaughan Blue Max & California Framer 23 oz

The Vaughan Blue Max & California Framer hammers are two classical designs for a framing hammer offering full value for money.

The first model is bit costlier with a price tag of $35 as compared to second model priced at $25. Both the models are perfect for a good impact with balanced design and good balance.

Vaughan Blue Max comes with extra magnet nail holder and a differently colored handle that differentiates the two. The striking head is a bit heavy with 23 oz. but promises a powerful impact.

Affordable price tag makes them more attractive for the buyers.

Verdict: If you do not mind a bit heavier handle then it is a perfect choice of hammer with a powerful head.


  • Perfect for hard hit due to heavy head.
  • Affordable price.


  • Nothing much at this price.

Summing it up,

If you were looking for the best framing hammer reviews 2017, after reading this your query might be solved. Better, go through the different products and pick the best one as per your needs and budget. 

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Best Framing Hammer Reviews 2017
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