Best Cordless Impact Wrench Reviews 2017

You will know the value of an impact wrench if you ever had lain out on the back straining your nerves for a stubborn or corroded nut or fitting. If you have to tighten something, which is beyond your reach, you absolutely need to have one of these. Removing screws or bolts or installing nuts into tough materials has never been an easy task to do, you can consider buying the cordless impact wrench. It is very difficult to choose the right wrench with so many different brands and models available in the market.

Choosing a best cordless impact wrench has many factors associated with it, like how much force you have to apply and where you apply it. Let's see some of the best cordless impact wrench reviews to help you along. Also check the best corded drill reviews if you need. 

Best Cordless Impact Wrench Reviews 2016

If you are into the impact guns, you'll be lost in the sea of wrenches around. Among them, we hand-picked some of durable guns. Let's check them,

  2. CRAFTSMAN 9-17562 NEXTEC 12V
  5. DEWALT DCF883M2 20V
  8. MAKITA BTW450 18V


It features a new grip design, a ¼” hex quick release bit holder, two-speed settings, and phenomenal torque specs. It has an exceptional feature of the brushless rotary hammer, and the new pistol grip design is comfortable. It seems to be a combination of superb front to back balance, handle shape, top to bottom center of gravity, overall weight, and the design is expertly executed.

This impact driver has two modes speed control; the first mode is for higher precision work with lower speed as well as torque setting and mode two is for higher performance with the more top speed with the setting of full torque. The first mode has a speed short range and more finessed speed control that helps prevent damage to smaller fasteners.

The torque rate approaches 1400 in-lb. White light is illuminated near the mode numbers to ensure which method is working. You will be able to cooperate with this impact wrench without fatigue or any strain with the ergonomic as well as the rubberized type of grip that comfortably wraps across a particular hilt.

The ability to dial down the speed and the torque is an attractive feature that it has. The brushless motor delivers abundant power, and it has great runtime when paired with 2.0Ah batteries. There are control switches that are clicked to left for forward driving and to right for reverse driving. A fuel gauge is built with for LEDs that reports the charge level of the battery.


This is a compact and powerful driver. The design of the right angle is perfect for getting into tight spaces and also can be used to handle tough tasks that a normal drill cannot perform. This powerful drill works faster than an 18V full sized drill and can deliver more torque and work faster.

The twisting action of the drill is absorbed by the innovative impact mechanism that is associated with most of the drills. It is applied to the workpiece so that your hand does not twist along with the tool while drilling. The torque motor can deliver in both reverse and forward actions.

The reversible drill is helpful at the time of terrible situation and to have this at backup can be an excellent idea. There is LED work light to illuminate the work area and innovative battery fuel gauge, which turns green, yellow and red to indicate the charge level.

The low price of the product and the right angle design is not a thing that can work on a job from its scratch to the finish. However, it can assist you in your go-to product for tightening bolts and odd nuts. The ¼-inch clamp allows the rapid change in bits.


It is an 18V cordless impact wrench which features a ½” square drive, three torque, and speed settings. It measures less than 6 inches and weighs less than 4 pounds, has multiple speed and torque settings and has a peak torque of 2520 in-lbs.

You will find this at any professional garage and is very efficient in its use.

The pricing of this impact wrench is a little steep but has an extended run time and speed control for its fastening performance. The extreme protection technology is there to provide dust and water resistance to operate in harsh conditions.

A star protection equipped tool is used to monitor the conditions during its use to protect against overloading, overheating and over-discharging.


It is a brushless and cordless impact wrench and has a hybrid tool, which allows you to use ¼” hex screwdriver bits, and ½” impact sockets without any need for adapters.

It can be used with a common screwdriver to remove small sockets or fasteners or remove the larger ones.

The Bosch hybrid impact might not seem compact as the latest impact drivers because of its extended nose.

The added size is nothing as compared to the convenience you get.

If you are the one who goes back and forth between using an impact wrench and driver, then you are probably going to like new hybrid because it has both. One of the best cordless impact wrench you'll get for the bucks.

5. DEWALT DCF883M2 20V

The design fits into all type of tight areas and has 3 LED lights with 20 seconds delay after the trigger release which helps provide visibility. It features a hog ring anvil that easily change sockets. The anti slip comfort grip which is textured provides maximum control and comfort to the user.

The Li ion battery along with fuel gauge provides 33% more capacity over standard ones. It is used to drive and remove fasteners in wood, metal or concrete. It is a versatile cordless impact wrench and is designed with demands of professionals.

It is a lightweight and compact yet quite powerful. It is an ideal thing for professionals as it is durable, its extended battery life and the compact size makes it portable. The technicians and the amateurs can also use this as it is a great addition to a workshop or garage.

It is one of the highest quality impact wrenches available in the market outperforming many other models which are similar and provide great value for its price. It is definitely not the cheapest impact wrench in the market but delivers a good value and is considered a good buy for any serious amateurs or for any professional use.

Its weight being 3.4 pounds and can easily be used for overhead work which causes minimal fatigue or strain to the user. The lithium ion battery holds up the charge for twenty-four hours that is why it can be used during the day without frequently recharging it. The no slip and the cushioned grip make it easy to handle with a lot of comfort and control. There is a variable speed trigger and can adjust the speed with respect to the current application.

The price can be a little more as compared to other affordable cordless impact wrench but the efficiency and the portability have made it one of the most well-received impact wrenches in the market. It is so slim that it can fit in your handbag and you cannot ask for a better power tool that meets all your needs.


Milwaukee has decided to put two settings in the fuel. It provides an illuminating light which can be turned off when not needed to save the battery life. The first setting goes up to 1200 inch/pounds only which can be managed if you are working on a small project. Any bigger project would need a good torque that is the reason the second torque is there.

The second one carries a power worth of 8400 inches/pound. It is not at all heavy at the top but your hands feel placed perfectly. It is a powerhouse and takes every task with speed while having a very long battery life. This can be used for both drilling and driving purposes, which makes it useful in job sites or in personal use.

This tool has a capability of drilling about 3 inches of holes with the help of wood that is good and is possible to perform because of its high torque and speed ratings. The two different settings for adjusting of the speed that can be switched for either driving screws or drilling of holes.

You can adjust a specific amount of turning force to insert screws into the material without much damage to the wood or the screw. This feature is helpful when the work is on finishing projects like attaching cabinet doors. Ergonomic design makes it lightweight, well balanced and very powerful.


It is specially designed for professional use and everyday use as well around the home or in any sort of projects. It delivers high torque, which is necessary for working with sockets or bolts, and need minimal effort of the user. From everyday automotive to massive equipment jobs, construction workers, this wrench has come to be a staple for mechanics because of its massive improving efficiency and reducing fatigue.

The ultimate consideration of an impact wrench is the ability to generate torque and this wrench produces 1100 ft-lbs of torque that is more than enough to handle the applications, taking the nuts off the tractors or any other heavy equipment. The maximum forward or reverse torque gives massive output of torque.

It extracts more torque out of its battery power. It is more manoeuvrable and easier to use in tight spaces, as it is cordless. It is substantially cheaper than the air compressor and other additional tools and it is battery powered which is ubiquitous the world of wrench tools.

The long lasting battery helps you to spend less time in working and the charging of its battery only takes 30mins. The ergonomic and the soft grip coated handle makes it very comfortable to use and hold for longer period. It produces a low noise level and it spares your eardrums. The metal drives are very durable and are optimized for efficiency and maximum power.

It is an exceptional piece of equipment, which can be used by mechanics, heavy equipment workers, construction sites or projects. There are plenty of options for you in the market but a clever mind always puts things to novel uses.

8. MAKITA BTW450 18V

It is exclusively used for larger jobs where big bolts are used. The motor provides 1600RPM and 2200 IPM of power to take off the lug nuts or bolts on the vehicle. This does not come with batteries. It packs plenty of torque for over a wide range of fastening and loosening tasks and it proves to be a convenient and powerful substitute for air powered and AC wrenches.

The fastening torque can have both forward and reverse rotations. It is manufactured using the best raw materials and highest quality steel and heat hardening process for maximum driving power. There is a unique rubber joint handle which is shock absorbent and helps to protect battery housing from vibration. It weighs 7.5 lbs and has an ergonomic shape that fits like a glove for reduced fatigue of the operator.

It has a built-in LED, which helps to illuminate the work surface and is equipped with a large rocker switch for its easier use. This is a cordless option and is made for a range of applications like fastening and loosening and proves to be perfect for steel beam construction, overhead door installation, telephone and cell phone pole installation, automotive work, utility pole, conveyor systems, oil fields and refineries or any tilt up construction.

As it can be used for larger jobs, it is ideal for commercial contractors, steel contractors, automobile mechanics, residential contractors, automotive line assembly member or any other professional who needs a best-engineered impact wrench.

The Makita lithium ion battery provides long run time, and the discharge is slow. The 30-minute optimum charger contacts the battery’s built in the chip during the charging so as to optimize the battery life which can be done by controlling the current, temperature and voltage. The rapid optimum chargers also contain a built-in fan that cools the battery to produce more lifetime. It requires only 30 minutes for the battery to get charged.

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Deciding to buy the best cordless impact wrench reviews 2016 won't be a problem for you now. Go ahead and check out some of the awesome deals that last only a few hours from now 🙂 

Best Cordless Impact Wrench Reviews 2017
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