What is Angle Grinders And It’s Uses? (Explained)

With the plethora of tools out there, one's hitch to do anything would be solved. But, not everyone is aware of the tools and its usage. If you are tools, Angle grinders are easiest option to cut, trim or smooth the surface. 

But, not everyone knows the exact usage and types of Hand grinders (angle grinders). Let's see some of them.​

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What Are Angle Grinders?

In simple, Angle grinder is a power tool (i.e. tool that is actuated with an additional power supply) that is used for various purposes like cutting, grinding and polishing. The angle grinder can be powered in multiple ways it can be an electric motor, petrol engine or even compressed air.

As the name suggests the motor drives a gear head at the right angle where the disc has been mounted on that could be made of abrasive materials or thinner cut-off disc. The ability to handle different disc and accessories makes the angle grinder a versatile tool.

The best part of most of the tools is that the part that makes the contact with the object can be replaced when it gets worn, in the case of angle grinder it is the disc. Typically the angle grinder will come with adjustable guards and a side handle which would be used for two handed operations. Numerous sizes of the disc could be seen from larger one to a smaller one, but the most used disc is at the size around 4 inches to 4.5 inches, these would right size for most of the tasks.

Best Angle grinder spin at a speed of 10,000 to 11,000 rpm, which is really fast when compared with drilling motors that would run at a speed of about 700 to 1,200 rpm. As per the usage, one could purchase the angle grinder with the appropriate motor power.

Uses of Angle Grinders are plenty, we have only a few of them listed.

Common Uses Of Angle Grinders:

Metal cleaning:

Metal cleaning with Angle Grinder

Wire Wheel is mostly used for this purpose. Wire wheels along with the brush are designed and used for various purpose like stripping, cleaning and deburring tasks.

Cut bars, rods, and bolts:

Cut bars, rods, and bolts with Angle grinders

For this use, a cut-off wheel is used (inexpensive one will suffice). Cutting off metal would be easy if one is not using the angle grinder. This power tool makes tasks like cut rebar, angle iron, rusted bolts and welded wire fencing.

Cut tile, stone, and concrete:

Cut tile, stone, and concrete with angle grinder

Notching and cutting ceramic or stone tile to fit around outlets and other obstructions can be done with ease with the help of an angle grinder fitted with a dry-cut diamond wheel. This helps in saving time and finishing the work with style.

Restore cutting edges:

Restore cutting edges with hand grinders

Restoring edges on rough tools like hoes, shovels, and ice scrapers or for the initial grinding of axes, hatchets, and lawn mower blades can be done by outfitting the angle grinder with a grinding wheel.

Cutting out old mortar:

Cutting out old mortar with hand grinders

The angle grinder would beat the chisel and hammer for removing the old mortar without breaking the brick. Thicker diamond tuckpointing wheel is used for this purpose. This process would be dusty, so it better to use a mask.

Winding it up,

Only a few uses had been mentioned in this article, reading the manual would always help in using the tool to it’s fullest. Taking the required safety steps are the most important of all. Proper maintenance of the tool will make the tool last longer and better performance in a long run.

What is Angle Grinders And It’s Uses? (Explained)
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