What exactly makes an angle grinder the best angle grinder?

Because angle grinders are some of the most versatile tools out there, a high-quality tool will work well in any of the several tasks angle grinders are used for.  The wide range of hardware and accessories out there makes looking through and picking the right one a daunting task . That’s why we created our best angle grinder review sheet.

1. DeWalt DWE402K

Dewalt is one of the most prolific manufacturers of  hand tools and power tools, . The DeWalt DWE402K is an efficient power tool that can easily stand up to hours of continuous use. Weighing in at 6.2-pounds, it fits neatly into any hand without any chance of slipping. It has a metallic body and a 10-AMP motor that operates at  11,000 RPM.

Some of its top notch features include the one-touch guard for 360-degree rotation, and the automatic removal and ejection of dust particles or debris that accumulate during grinding. Other notable features include wheel guard adjustment, labyrinth construction and many others. Though for some it’s small and heavy, if your work is minimal and doesn’t require too much power, then this is the tool for you. Overall, DeWalt DEWE402K is a solid choice.  

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  •         ​Powered by an 11 AMP Motor with 11,000 RMP
  •         Dust ejection system included.
  •         360 degree rotation with one-touch guard.
  •         Paddle switch and safety lock.  
  •         Budget-friendly gear cases.
  •         Quick change.
  •         3 year warranty + 1 year free service.


  •         Not recommended for heavy grinding.
  •         Too small, might not be ergonomic for some.
  •         Somewhat heavy.

2. Makita 9565CV

The Makita 9565CV is ideal for stone grinding and the perfect polishing experience.. The 12 AMP motor operates between 2800-10500 RPM. Further, the Makita’s Super Joint System (SJS) is included. The electronic limiter is loaded by default, so you won’t need to worry about overload or burnout. The carbon brushes are large enough to last a long time even with heavy use. The tool is constructed with the Labyrinth design, which prevents the dust and other minute particles from entering the core parts.

Being a light-weight machine, it is ergonomic and fits perfectly on one’s wrist. You can modify the speed of the motor based on whether you are stone grinding, or polishing floors or mosaics. But grinding too much granite and other hard substances might ruin your machine in the short run. If you don’t plan on using it too heavily , you can go for this tool. It is one of the best 5-Inch angle grinders available at this price point.

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  •         ​Light-weight and ergonomic.
  •         Equipped with Super Joint System technology.
  •         ​Labyrinth construction.
  •         Larger and better carbon brushes.
  •         Adjustable motor speed.  
  •         Available in 4.5 and 5-inch models.


  •         Not suitable for granite grinding.
  •         High price.

3. Makita 9557PB


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This compact and powerful angle grinder with a 7.5 AMP high-speed motor has ample potential. The motor is quite powerful, capable of reaching up to 10000 RPM, and can handle almost any scenario.  The ergonomic design and barrel grip makes the clutch inflexible. The best part is the paddle switch protecting the engine and the aligned components from dust and other debris. This hand grinder is even equipped with a protective varnish to prevent contamination.

​Inside the machine, the wires and coils are tightly wound to prevent energy loss. As long as it isn’t physically damaged, it will continue to work efficiently for years to come. You can also easily switch between AC or DC currents. . This excellent hand grinder makes your work fast, efficient and precise.

4. Dewalt D28115


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It is a 4.5-inch hand grinder with heavy motors and components for ample production. It has a 13.0 amp motor with adjustable speed. The 2.3 horsepower motor can  operate at about 9000 RPM. The ergonomic design and grip barrel guarantee hours of comfortable use. Like all the DeWalt angle grinders, it also has an automatic dust ejection system so you don’t have to clean the machine every time dust accumulates.

The five-inch adjustable key guard and the automatic shutoff feature (which kicks in to prevent damage when the machine overloaded) are clear pros. The dual handle helps you hold the device without shaking and offers a precise grip. Its engine also  comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty.

5. Black & Decker 7750


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6. Makita XAG03Z


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If you don’t like to mess around with the pesky wires, then this cordless angle grinder is for you. Powered by a set of lithium-ion batteries, it can conquer any task. . The advanced adjustment technology automatically optimizes the speed and torque for best results. If you use it too long for intense tasks  like working with concrete, it automatically shuts down to prevent the machine from being damaged. ​

The brushless motor prevents  the the battery from being drained too quickly by optimizing the speed of the motor. It also ensures the efficiency of the overall product results. It has an ergonomic design with a dual handle to keep the grip steady for precise slicing. Though Makita is a well-known company, some accessories aren’t compatible with this grinder. Make sure you pick the right accessory that fits perfectly into the 5/8 inch arbor shaft.

Tips For Buying The Best Angle Grinder

An Angle Grinder is a handheld machine commonly used for grinding rough surfaces, cutting, and polishing. Before you pick your machine, it is good to know how hand grinders work. If you understand the components that contribute to a grinder’s performance, you’ll be able to choose the right one for you.

There are various uses for an angle grinder such as cutting  stone, mortar or wood, blade sharpening, and polishing. For each of these uses, there is particular wheel type.

Different Uses of Angle Grinder Wheels

  1. Diamond – Cutting stones, concrete and other hard materials.
  2. Aluminum – Great for cutting bolts, wood, and polishing.
  3. Brush – Cleaning metals and rust removal.
  4. Fiber – Rust removal.
  5. Flapper – Sanding, sharpening knives and other types of equipment.
  6. Silicon – Removing mortar and sharpening.


You need to pick the disk size and type you need. A 4.5-inch aluminum or brush wheel type is perfect for the average, at-home user. A small disk size helps you to explore tiny corners without any physical damage to the machine.


If you are on the tight budget or looking for a grinder for home use, then a lower AMP and wattage motor will be sufficient. The motor AMP will generally vary from 5 to 14. By picking an entry level machine, customers can save energy and money as well. The higher the engine power, the more energy it needs.

Ergonomic Design

Machine design is important for functionality, so make sure the machine has a comfortable grip your can keep a grip on. An additional barrel grip makes your choice easier. It fits perfectly in your hand and makes you feel more comfortable. If it fits perfectly, then the machine won’t make you shake while doing intense work, like cutting concrete or grinding stone.


Using the most powerful machine for cutting wood and polishing does not make sense. You need to pick the tool that fits into your budget and requirements.


You need to pick the right angle grinder to get the job done right. We’ve walked you through several options and explained what made them stand out. Lastly, we explained the different components and the essential information to look into before you buy any angle grinder.