A difficulty faced by most homeowners and professionals is deciding on what trimmer to buy to help trim the bushes and gardens around their home effectively. If you’re facing the problem of finding the right trimmer, this article is for you. We’ll take a look at 6 different kinds of Ryobi trimmer in-depth. Sifting through the large variety of options available to you can be a daunting, challenging task. The guide below will take off some of that burden and help you make a more informed decision on which trimmer is ideal for you.
Ryobi is a frontline Japanese manufacturer which specializes in manufacturing components for electronics, automobile and telecommunication industries. They also deal in printing equipment and builders’ hardware. Ryobi is also popular as a frontline company when it comes to power tools and outdoor products. Ryobi products include mowers, trimmers, blowers, chainsaws, generators, combo kits, snow blowers, pressure washers, and more.

3 Types of Ryobi Hardware: Hedge Trimmer, Gas head, & String Trimmer

Ryobi 24in. 40-Volt Lith-ion Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Ryobi RY34007 Expand-It 4 Cycle 30cc Trimmer Power Head

Ryobi ZRP2200 18V Hybrid Li-Ion String Trimmer 

Ryobi 40V Cordless String Trimmer

This Ryobi trimmer & edger is both powerful and maneuverable. As part of the 40V Li-on family, it works with about 9 other Ryobi 40V Cordless tools and lasts longer than a gas string trimmer.

The Ryobi 40V Cordless String Trimmer features: A pivoting head, which rotates to a very convenient walk-behind trimmer with a guide wheel, guarantees precise and accurate cutting. The wide cutting path of Ryobi trimmers makes it easy for you to trim large yards and vast areas regardless of how thick the weeds have become or how tall the grasses have grown.

These trimmers are easy to operate and handle, but for long jobs, the somewhat uneven weight distribution might leave you with more strain. It is then advisable to take breaks in between trimming to avoid strain.  This trimmer is ideal for trimming under your decks and patios, along your driveways and walkways.  

40V Cordless Ryobi Trimmer Features

  • 40v
  • 18v
  • An adjustable 11-13 inches cutting path.
  • A variable speed trigger for a complete cutting control.
  • More run time than a gas trimmer
  • Foot pedal adjustment converts the pivoting head of the trimmer to edger
  • Premium .080 inch twisted single line
  • A variable speed trigger which allows you to make more powerful cuts and gives your trimmer a longer battery life
  • Auto feed string head for user control
  • 40V Lithium-ion high capacity battery
  • 90 minutes charger
  • 9.4 Ibs
  • 5 years limited tool warranty

18V ONE+ Hybrid String Trimmer/Edger

This Ryobi trimmer comes with two power sources to give you a versatile lawn maintenance anywhere you are. This operates on Ryobi 18V battery or a cord, which makes it compatible with all tools, chargers and batteries in the Ryobi 18V ONE+ System.

This trimmer comes with a dual power source that offers users unlimited power and mobility when edging and trimming. This ensures you never run out of power when using this amazing trimmer. Here are the detailed features of the 18V ONE+ Ryobi trimmer bran

One+ Hybrid Ryobi Trimmer Features

  • Dual power source
  • 18V Battery or Electric Power
  • Works well with all ONE Tools and Batteries
  • Easy rotating shaft, which guarantees comfortable edging
  • Adjustable 10-12 cutting width, for longer run time
  • Telescoping shaft for a much longer run time
  • 18V Lithium-ion Compact Battery
  • 45 Minutes Charger
  • Auto-feed string Head with .065 inches. Single line
  • 6.85 lbs
  • 3 years limited warranty

Ryobi 18v-24v String Trimmers

This category is quite similar both in features and performance to Corded (Electric Models). This type of Ryobi trimmer is usually lightweight and does not cost you any maintenance fees. This is the perfect choice for you if you have a small yard of if you’re looking for an upgrade for your corded model.  

Most of the trimmers in this range of voltages make use of batteries that work well with power tools by the exact same voltage line and brand. If you already have a number of corded power tools in your home, you may end up saving some money with Ryobi tools only (without the charger and battery) versions. 

18v-24v String Ryobi Trimmers Features

  • Power: Medium-duty, excellent for maintaining areas within your home space and for occasional trimming of thick weeds and overgrown tall grass.
  • Common Features: 2-in-1 Edging and Trimming
  • Maintenance: No need for any regular maintenance.
  • Attachment Capable. Most of these trimmers accept attachments.
  • Gas-Like performance: Bump Feed Dual Line Head (Spool)
  • Extended Run Time: Auto-Feed Single Line Head (Pre-wound replacement spools)
  • Weight: 8-14 Ibs

Ryobi Gas Trimmers

Ryobi gas trimmers are just perfect for you if you own a very large land or yard that would usually take you more than 45 minutes to trim and maintain. These string trimmers can handle very tall, overgrown weeds and grasses.

As long as there is an extra can of gas, they would not be limited by run time at all. These usually require regular maintenance and can be heavier than their corded and cordless counterparts. Gas string trimmers are as cost-effective as they are an efficient choice for every homeowner in need of a reliable trimmer for large areas. You just have to make sure you give them adequate maintenance. 

Gas Ryobi Trimmer Features

  • Yard Size: From small-medium yards that do not require more than 45 minutes trimming.
  • Common feature: 2-in-1 Edging and Trimming, Auto-Feed Head (Pre-wound replacement spools), Single Line.
  • Maintenance. Regular maintenance is required
  • Attachment Capable: This model typically does not require or accept any attachments.
  • Common Head Types: Auto-Feed Single Line Head(Pre-wound replacement spools)
  • Weight: 5-8 Ibs

Ryobi 36v-80v String Trimmers

This category of Ryobi string trimmers features trimmers that have very unique runtime and gas-like performance. The trimmers found in within this voltage ranges with higher runtime are known to perform exactly like the corded models.

Ryobi string trimmers with gas-like performance have runtime that are slightly lower but can still handle big trimming jobs well and can replace the gas string trimmers quite effectively. This category of Ryobi cordless trimmers is characteristically lighter than most of the gas models but larger than the majorly corded or lower voltage cordless models. 

36V-80V Trimmer Features

  • Power: Medium duty to heavy duty, most of which are very much capable of maintaining large areas and trimming of thick weeds and tall grasses
  • Yard Size: Medium yards that can be trimmed within 45 minutes
  • Common Features: 40:1 oil to gas ratio and 50:1 gas to oil ratio
  • Maintenance: This set of string trimmer requires regular maintenance.
  • Attachment Capable: Most of these trimmers accept attachments
  • Common Head Types: Fixed Line(pre-cut line) and Bump (spool)
  • Weight: 10-15 lbs

Other Electric String Trimmers

Ryobi Electric or corded string trimmers are the perfect option for people with limited budgets and compact yards. Limited by the length of your extension cord, these string trimmers have restricted mobility but are perfect for small jobs and the regular maintenance of flowerbeds and small gardens. Lightweight and maintenance free, corded string trimmers are a reliable choice for less frequent use.


  • Power: The electric string trimmers are light-duty in nature, and very much ideal for the maintenance of home surroundings as well as the occasional trimming of tall grasses and very thick weeds
  • Yard Size: These trimmers are most ideal for small yards that have trimming areas that are within 150 feet of an outlet
  • Common Features: 2-in-1 Edging and Trimming, Auto-Feed Head( Pre-wound replacement spools), Single line.
  • Maintenance: These ones do not require any regular maintenance
  • Attachment Capable: The electric or corded string trimmers from Ryobi do not accept any attachments
  • Weight: 4-10 lbs

Ryobi Hybrid Trimmers

These trimmers have enough power to cut through any kind of bush and growths around your home or office areas. The auto feed lines work quite efficiently, and you won’t need to deal with feeding the line with the spooler. It will help you to have your extra battery handy. An extra battery can add up to 50% more work time and help you cover more grounds in one trimming stretch.

If you are working with any of the several Ryobi hybrid trimmers, you can stretch out your drop cord to keep trimming with the plug that is rightly fitted into the handle. Changing the battery of your cordless trimmer is quite easy, and won’t take more than 30 minutes to recharge them so you can continue working the soonest. The tilt and telescopic handles are quite easily adjustable to any position to make working with them a whole lot more comfortable. This easy adjustability of Ryobi trimmers is what makes them easy to be used as edger.

All-in-all, Ryobi hybrid trimmers being lightweight, easy to use and efficient trimmers, are simply a set to to have around your home or workplace to keep the bushes down and weeds away at all times.

Hybrid Ryobi Trimmer Features

  • Power source: Battery or electric
  • Type: String trimmer
  • Engine Type: 2 stroke engine
  • Cutting Radius: Adjustable 10-12 cutting width for longer run
  • Handle: Telescoping shaft for user comfort
  • Yard Size: Up to 2/3 acre
  • Weight: 7 lbs